Liquid food transports

The Krotrans fleet of food tankers consists of nearly 250 vehicles and is one of the most modern fleets in Europe.

We have food tankers from reputable European producers, one, two, and three-chamber with a capacity of 20,000 liters to 32,000 liters.


All of our food tankers:

  • are equipped with pumps or compressors for unloading,
  • have an independent heating system that allows the tanker to be heated to +80°C using a Webasto device,
  • are equipped with spiral heating of the tanker bottom by connecting steam from the outside,
  • have their own system that allows cleaning the chambers after unloading the product,
  • have sterile filters,
  • are fully adapted to aseptic transport.


All our tankers are insulated and meet the highest requirements for the transport of food products in accordance with the ATP convention.

We have the latest IT and GPS software that constantly monitors orders and the punctuality of deliveries.

The most frequently transported products include chocolate, glucose, juices, concentrates, and glycerin.

We carry out orders throughout Europe.

We are proud to be a part of a smooth supply chain – food tank for life!

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